ProRodeo Bull Riding World Champions

2009 J.W. Harris May, TX
2008 J.W. Harris May, TX
2007 Wesley Silcox Payson, Utah
2006 B.J. Schumacher Hillsboro, Wis
2005 Matt Austin Wills Point, TX
2004 Dustin Elliott Tecumseh, Neb.
2003 Terry Don West  Henryetta, Okla
2002 Blue Stone Ogden, Ut
2001 Blue Stone Ogden, Ut
2000 Cody Hancock Taylor, Az
1999 Mike White Lake Charles, La
1998 Ty Murray Stephenville, Tx
1997 Scott Mendes Weatherford, Tx
1996 Terry West Henryetta, Ok
1995 Jerome Davis Archdale, NC
1994 Daryl Mills Pink Mountain, BC
1993 Ty Murray Stephenville, Tx
1992 Cody Custer Wickenburg, Az
1991 Tuff Hedeman Bowie, Tx
1990 Jim Sharp Kermit, Tx
1989 Tuff Hedeman Bowie, Tx
1988 Jim Sharp Kermit, Tx
1987 Lane Frost Lane, Ok
1986 Tuff Hedeman Gainesville, Tx
1985 Ted Nuce Manteca, Ca
1984 Don Gay Mesquite, Tx
1983 Cody Snyder Redcliff, Alb
1982 Charles Sampson Los Angeles, Ca
1981 Don Gay Mesquite, Tx
1980 Don Gay Mesquite, Tx
1979 Don Gay Mesquite, Tx
1978 Butch Kirby Alba, Tx
1977 Don Gay Mesquite, Tx
1976 Don Gay Mesquite, Tx
1975 Don Gay Mesquite, Tx
1974 Don Gay Mesquite, Tx
1973 Bobby Steiner Austin, Tx
1972 John Quintana Creswell, Or
1971 Bill Nelson San Francisco, Ca
1970 Gary Leffew Santa Maria, Ca
1969 Doug Brown Silverton, Or
1968 George Paul Del Rio, Tx
1967 Larry Mahan Brooks, Or
1966 Ronnie Rossen Broadus, Mt
1965 Larry Mahan Brooks, Or
1964 Bob Wegner Auburn, Was
1963 Bill Kornell Palm Springs, Ca
1962 Freckles Brown Lawton, Ok
1961 Ronnie Rossen Broadus, Mt
1960 Harry Tompkins Dublin, Tx
1959 Jim Shoulders Henryetta, Ok
1958 Jim Shoulders Henryetta, Ok
1957 Jim Shoulders Henryetta, Ok
1956 Jim Shoulders Henryetta, Ok
1955 Jim Shoulders Henryetta, Ok
1954 Jim Shoulders Henryetta, Ok
1953 Todd Whatley Hugo, Ok
1952 Harry Tompkins Dublin, Tx
1951 Jim Shoulders Henryetta, Ok
1950 Harry Tompkins Dublin, Tx
1949 Harry Tompkins Dublin, Tx
1948 Harry Tompkins Dublin, Tx
1947 Wag Blesing Bell, Ca
1946 Pee Wee Morris Custer, SD
1945 Ken Roberts Strong City, Ks
1944 Ken Roberts Strong City, Ks
1943 Ken Roberts Strong City, Ks
1942 Dick Griffith Ft. Worth, Tx
1941 Dick Griffith Ft. Worth, Tx
1940 Dick Griffith Ft. Worth, Tx
1939 Dick Griffith Ft. Worth, Tx
1938 Kid Fletcher Hugo, Ca
1937 Smokey Snyder Bellflower, Ca
1936 Smokey Snyder Bellflower, Ca
1935 Smokey Snyder Bellflower, Ca
1934 Frank Schneider Caliente, Ca
1933 Frank Schneider Caliente, Ca
1932 John Schneider Livermore, Ca
1931 Smokey Snyder Bellflower, Ca
1930 John Schneider Livermore, Ca
1929 John Schneider Livermore, Ca








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