Pro Rodeo Steer Wrestling World Champions

2009 Lee Graves Calgary, AB
2008 Luke Branquinho Los Alamos, CA
2007 Jason Miller Lance Creek, WY
2006 Dean Gorsuch,  Gering, Neb. 
2005 Lee Graves Calgary, AB
2004 Luke Branquinho   Los Alamos, Calif.
2003 Teddy Johnson  Checotah, Okla
2002 Sid Steiner Bastrop, TX
2001 Rope Myers Van, TX
2000 Frank Thompson Cheyenne, Wy
1999 Mickey Gee Wichita Falls, TX
1998 Mike Smith Baton Rouge, LA
1997 Brad Gleason Touchet, WA
1996 Chad Bedell Jensen, UT
1995 Ote Berry Checotah, OK
1994 Blaine Pederson Amisk, Alberta
1993 Steve Duhon Opelousas, LA
1992 Mark Roy Dalemead, Alberta
1991 Ote Berry Checotah, OK
1990 Ote Berry Checotah, OK
1989 John W. Jones JR. Morrow Bay, CA
1988 John W. Jones JR. Morrow Bay, CA
1987 Steve Duhon Opelousas, LA
1986 Steve Duhon Opelousas, LA
1985 Ote Berry Gordon, NE
1984 John W. Jones JR. Morrow Bay, CA
1983 Joel Edmondson Columbus, KS
1982 Stan Williamson Kellyville, OK
1981 Byron Walker Ennis, TX
1980 Butch Myers Welda, KS
1979 Stan Williamson Kellyville, OK
1978 Tom Ferguson Miami, OK
1977 Tom Ferguson Miami, OK
1976 Rick Bradley Burkburnett, TX
1975 Frank Shepperson Midwest, WY
1974 Tommy Puryear Norman OK
1973 Bob Marshall San Martin, Ca
1972 Roy Duvall Warner, Ok
1971 Billy Hale Checotah, OK
1970 John W. Jones Morro Bay, Ca
1969 Roy Duvall Boynton, OK
1968 Jack Roddy San Jose, Ca
1967 Roy Duvall Boynton, OK
1966 Jack Roddy San Jose, Ca
1965 Harley May Oakdale, CA
1964 C.R. Boucher Burkburnett, TX
1963 Jim Bynum Waxahatchie, TX
1962 Tom Nesmith Bethel, OK
1961 Jim Bynum Forreston, TX
1960 Bob A. Robinson Rockland, ID
1959 Harry Charters Melba, ID
1958 James Bynum Forreston, TX
1957 Willard Combs Checotah, OK
1956 Harley May Oakdale, CA
1955 Benny Combs Checotah, OK
1954 James Bynum Forreston, TX
1953 Ross Dollarhide Lakeview, OR
1952 Harley May Oakdale, CA
1951 Dub Phillips San Angelo, TX
1950 Bill Linderman Red Lodge, MT
1949 Bill McGuire Fort Worth, TX
1948 Homer Pettigrew Grady, NM
1947 Todd Whatley Hugo, OK
1946 Dave Campbell Las Vegas, NV
1945 Homer Pettigrew Grady, NM
1944 Homer Pettigrew Grady, NM
1943 Homer Pettigrew Grady, NM
1942 Homer Pettigrew Grady, NM
1941 Hub Whiteman Clarksville, TX
1940 Homer Pettigrew Grady, NM
1939 Harry Hart Pocatello, ID
1938 Everett Bowman Hillside, AZ
1937 Gene Ross Sayre, Ok
1936 Jack Kerschner Miles City, MT
1935 Everett Bowman Hillside, AZ
1934 Shorty Ricker Ranger, TX
1933 Everett Bowman Hillside, AZ
1932 Hugh Bennett Fort Thomas, AZ
1931 Gene Ross Sayre, Ok
1930 Everett Bowman Hillside, AZ
1929 Gene Ross Sayre, Ok










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